Keyword: junk removal

*deductions taken:
  • Deductions
  • title character count
  • 10
  • keyword in title
  • 0
  • h1 count
  • 5
  • keyword in h1
  • 0
  • keyword density
  • 5
  • keyword in url
  • 8
  • description character count
  • 1
  • keyword in description
  • 0

SEO Test Tool Rank: 71

Results for:
Keyword Density: 1.14%

OK - but now what do I do?

Title Charater Counts:

Google likes to see title charater counts at 70 charaters or less. You recieved 10 deductions.
- Read more about title character counts on this page.

Keyword in Title:

You must have your keyword ('junk removal') in the title - you has a deduction of 0.
- Read more about the keyword in title here.

H1 Count:

There must only be one H1, if you have more than one - it looks like SPAM to good - you had 5 H1 tag deductions.
- Read more about H1 Count here.

Keyword in H1:

Keywords very important to SEO, and they take on extra power when in links and header tags. You had 0 deductions for keywords in H1.
- Here is more information about the Keyword in H1.