5 Basic Steps to Search Engine Optimization with Tony Soares


Hey guys, I’m Tony Soares, and in this week’s Shark Bite we’re going to be covering the five basic steps of search engine optimization. So when it comes to SEO, your foundation for your website is really the most important thing,0 setting everything up correctly so you can build on it, will help you in the long run, of course. There is five basic steps to just user friendly SEO. Those five basics will be keyword research, content implementation, meta implementation, user friendly design, and quality link building.

Keyword research. Learn how visitors will find you. You want to use analytics data, AdWords data, pretty much as much data as possible to figure out which keywords get the most volume and then you use that to figure out which volume high level, high volume keywords produce goal completions, whether that be a meaningful article or clicking on something or buying something.

Content implementation. Now that you’ve researched the keywords that you want to use, it’s time to put them into your copy. What I mean by that is sprinkle them in a way that is natural and in a way that users will want to read it. Every time I write a piece of content, I ask myself would I want to read this? If the answer is yes, I go ahead and publish it. If the answer is no, I go back and rewrite it until I get it feeling the way I want it to.

Meta data implementation. Basically that just covers your titles and descriptions. Remember meta keywords are no longer used. Your meta information needs to be in the same theme as the content you’re putting up so each page has its own set of keywords that you’re trying to drive traffic for. Don’t try to make every single page have all the meta titles, and meta descriptions and keywords that you want at once. Try to make each page has its own purpose.

User friendly design. Web design is probably the most subjective field of SEO. So really what you want to ask yourself is would I use this website? We covered this topic really in depth in its own Shark Bite, so we’ll link to that in the description down below.

Quality link building. Link building is probably the most effective SEO strategy you can implement. It provides the most results, but it can also be the most dangerous. Understanding how to do white hat, quality link building over the quantity of link building is probably the most important thing for a small business. What you want to do if you’re a small business is to look for local links. Do you do any sponsorships? Do you have little league teams that you work with? Do you sponsor a 5K? Do you provide the office equipment for a particular business? Do you provide tires for a particular rim place? Any kind of local relationship where you can say provided by or sponsored by, where you get those kind of links. Those are the best natural links you can get.

So that’s wrap up this week’s Shark Bite. We’ll be looking forward to your comments and questions down below. See you next time!