What is an authority site?

Making an authority website should be the goal of any business that focuses on SEO. While it is possible for an ecommerce website with little content that is able to rank for a wide range of different high profile keywords, the goal needs to be the main information source for individuals looking for information about […]

Does SEO Work?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization, is a driving force to improve visibility of a blog or website on the Internet. Everyday hundreds of millions of web search takes place using various different keywords or keyword phrases for various reasons.  But – does seo work? Why Is SEO Important? Search engine optimization is a very powerful web marketing tool […]

Example of the keywrod in the url.

Keyword in URL – FAQ

Having the keyword in the URL is very important to page SEO. Keyword in URL Example: http://seotesttool.com or http://seotesttool.com/keyword/ Keyword in URL Best Practices: When choosing URL’s, it must have your keyword.  Ideally in the “main” prt of the URL, but if you are deep inside your site – the keyword needs to be present. […]

h1 tag

Keyword in H1 – FAQ

The H1 tag is an HTML tag which is is used for “headers” – hence the “h”. H1 Tag Example: <h1>This is the best page.</h1> H1 Tag Best Practices: There should be one (1) and only one <h1> tag on a given webpage.  More than one, Google and other search engines will throw out your […]

Example of a title tag on the browser tab.

Title Character Count – FAQ

The title tag is an HTML tag which is located in <HEAD> section of the HTML page. Title Tag Example: <head> <title>This is the example of the title tag…</title> </head> Title Tag Best Practices: Officially – 70 characters or less.  Why?  Because of SEO.  It comes down to 70 characters because it is “essentially” what Google uses and […]